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Fill Your Life With Scentsy Fragrance

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Scentsy Uk 2024 1200X630 Ss24 Kids Buddy Frankiethefrenchbulldog 4 Ra
Independent Scentsy Uk Consultant 19 Scentsy Uk 2024

Go wild for fragrance and fun with Scentsy kids

Scentsy Uk 2024 1200X630 Ss24 Laundry Group Wildflowercotton R2
Independent Scentsy Uk Consultant 20 Scentsy Uk 2024

Evelvate laundry day with Scentsy laundry products

Scentsy Uk 2024 Family
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FREE Information pack about joining Scentsy UK

Lavender Bouquet Scentsy Warmer Of The Quarter

Our Scentsy warmer of the quarter is released on 1st July 2024 – Limited Time Only along with our scent of the month Provence Lavender Scentsy Bar.

Lavender Bouquet Scentsy Warmer
Scentsy Uk 2024 1200X1200 Ss24 Home Warmer Aquaglow Stargaze R2

Warmers + Wax

Premium quality and signature scents

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Scentsy Uk 2024 1200X1200 Ss24 Home Diffuser Grow R2

Diffusers + Oil

Stunning décor and natural fragrance

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Scentsy Uk 2024 1200X1200 Ss24 Home Airpurifier R2

Air Purifier, Fans + Pods

Convenient solutions and instant fragrance

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join Scentsy in June with our Scentsy Mini Kit just £30 including shipping

All Stars Inclusive Global Team

Our team name says it all, having spent most of my life feeling like the outcast, someone who just didn’t fit in, I decided during my Scentsy journey to create a team culture where no matter what, YOU are always included. It doesn’t matter what your background is, who you are or what you look like – YOU are welcome!

Join Scentsy as an Independent Scentsy Consultant today and finally fit in, be accepted and start your journey of fun and freedom to be YOU!

We cannot wait to surround you with love and celebrate every step of your journey big or small!

  • Sell as little or as much as YOU want to!
  • Earn as little or as much as YOU want to!
  • Full online support!

Scentsy Uk 2024 Mini Kit
Independent Scentsy Uk Consultant 22 Scentsy Uk 2024

To celebrate Scentsy’s 20-year anniversary, we made July the best month EVER to start the Scentsy journey! New Consultants can join in on the fun for just £ 24/€ 29 in July — now that’s a price worth celebrating! Each £ 24/€ 29 Starter Kit comes with the following:

  • Five of our most beloved Scentsy Bars:
    • Black Raspberry Vanilla
    • Coconut Lemongrass
    • Simply Black Cherry
    • Sunset Citrus
    • Sweet Pea & Vanilla
  • 25 Fragrance Testers
    • Includes Bestsellers and new Spring/Summer 2024 fragrances
  • Light From Within Mini Warmer
  • Spring/Summer 2024 Catalog 5-Pack
  • The Art of Fragrance Kit

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