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I am so excited you have decided to host a shopping link with us. By sharing your link and collecting online orders you will be able to earn FREE and HALF PRICE Scentsy products, you can also earn a Scentsy starter kit and take the commission on the orders you collect.

You may or may not know right now if you want to earn the commission and that’s ok, we can decide at the end of the current month what is best for you.

The harder you work on getting the word out that you have a link open, and how much you love the products, the better this will work for you. Your friends and family are less likely to buy from me, someone they do not know, but very likely to want to support you. It’s not about being pushy, and all about simply sharing what YOU love about the products, and also having fun learning about new products and sharing those too.

I am here to help you, but it is YOU who will do the work to get the orders, and I will be so proud of you when you do. Each time an order is placed on your link I will message you and let you know.

When people order online using your link, there is nothing you need to do with the order, as the order is shipped directly from Scentsy to them using the details they entered when ordering. A great tip, is when I let you know someone has orders, drop them a message to say thank you.

I am here anytime you have questions, you can contact me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100087421091776 or via WhatsApp: 07804477217

I will provide you with photos and ideas to post, but you can also get creative with your own.

Once you have reached £250 in orders (this is the total orders not including shipping), I will let you know, at this point, you will have £25 host credit and a half-price item. You can close the shopping link and redeem your rewards, or keep on sharing to earn even more. At this stage you could use the £25 credit to get the starter kit below for just £25, reach £500 in orders and you can use all of those rewards making this kit £0!

You can share this link or the party link I have sent separately, just ensure whenever you share anything you say ‘Please make sure you click my name at checkout’ Link you can share: https://safelyscented.co.uk/your-friend-has-invited-you-to-share-the-scentsy-love/

Scentsy Host Kit
Welcome To Hosting Your Scentsy Shopping / Affiliate Link 7 Scentsy Uk 2024

The first thing you want to do is introduce your shopping link on social media. I have sent you your link and you will want to SAVE that link to use on all of your posts.

Here is an idea of what to post, but feel free to change and add your own personality.

‘Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I am hosting my very own Scentsy shopping link.

Scentsy sell the most amazing-smelling wax melts, and electric warmers. Instead of using flames, Scentsy use element plates or light bulbs to gently warm the wax.

If anyone has any questions please let me know, you can view the amazing range here: ‘ *add your shopping link here and use a few eye-catching Scentsy photos. I will send you some photos and you can also use any photos from my website and on my Facebook page. Be sure if you use photos I have not sent, that you have cropped them nicely so they do not appear to be screenshots.

Let’s look at all the scentsy product ranges

Scentsy Wax Bars

Made of high-quality paraffin wax for long-lasting fragrance, Scentsy Bars are composed of eight break-apart cubes designed to use with any Scentsy Warmer. As the cubes melt, they fill your space with our exclusive scents, inspiring imagination and memories. Safe to use — no wick, flame, smoke or soot.

Scentsy Wax Bars

Have you ever opened a Scentsy Bar to see that the wax is … um … sweating?

Do some of the Scentsy Bars in your stash not look as brightly coloured as when you got them?

Bar basics:

What is a Scentsy Bar?

Scentsy Uk 2024 1200X1200 Ss24 Fathersday Modtaupewarmer Dayonthefieldbar R2

Scentsy Bar is a block of fragrant wax in eight break-apart cubes. They’re available in dozens of exclusive Scentsy fragrances and designed for use in a Scentsy Warmer.

Where are Scentsy Bars made?

Scentsy manufactures all our wax products at our campus in Meridian, Idaho. Made in the USA!

Sweaty wax and colour facts:

Scentsy Uk 2024 Images

Why does my Scentsy Bar look like it’s sweating?

Extreme variations in temperature can cause the fragrance oils in your Scentsy Bar to separate from the wax and bead on its surface. It looks a lot like sweat, but it’s not! Here are a couple of ways to help prevent “sweaty” wax:

  • Don’t store your bars in the freezer.
  • Do store your bars in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.

Should I throw away “sweaty” wax?

Nope! Any oils that separate from the bar should blend back in when the wax is warmed with no noticeable effect on your fragrance experience.

Why is my Scentsy Bar’s colour fading?

Several factors can contribute to colour variation in your Scentsy Bars. Here are a couple of simple things to keep in mind:

  • Store your wax properly. Extreme heat or direct light can impact the look and shorten the shelf life of your bars.
  • Just because it looks different, doesn’t mean it won’t still smell great! Colour alone shouldn’t compel you to toss your wax in the trash. Try it first!

I have two bars in the same fragrance. Why do they look different?

Depending on the colour (s) used to dye the wax, you might notice small variations. Any colour difference is purely cosmetic and does not affect the fragrance, its intensity or fragrance potency.

Scentsy Uk 2024 1200X1200 Ss24 Fathersday Collection R2

The above link will take you directly to all of our Scentsy Wax bars, including any limited time only fragrances and our licensed partners such as Disney, Harry Potter etc. Your customers can order directly on this link and click YOUR NAME at checkout to ensure the order is directed to your link. All wax bars are £7.25 for standard wax bars and £8.50 for Disney and other licensed bars. The great thing is all customers can buy 5 of the same price bracket wax bars and get a 6th bar FREE – our website will prompt them to get the best package.

Try having a browse of the Scentsy wax bar link above, and looking at what different fragrances we have, then think about your friends and family and who would love which fragrances, you can then point them to the ones you think they would love. You can also use the scent descriptions on the website to share with a great photo on your social media. Always include the URL link (ask if your not sure what this is, for each product you share) AND use the words ‘Please make sure you click MY NAME on checkout’.

Scentsy Warmers

We have many different designs of Scentsy warmers, big and small. With Scentsy you will never light a flame, which is so much safer than lighting a candle. We have mini warmers and larger warmers, and a warmer to suit all decor choices.

New Scentsy Catalogue 2024

Advantages of Scentsy Warmers

  • No open flame: For people living with pets and/or young children, candles can be the source of a lot of anxiety. Scentsy Warmers don’t rely on hazardous open flames, instead using low-watt light bulbs or heating elements to melt wax. While any electrical appliance comes with its own safety considerations, warmers have helped fragrance lovers around the world relax with their favourite scents.
  • Smoke and soot be gone: The hazards of candles aren’t limited to open flames. The smoke and soot from burning wicks can be a nightmare to clean up. Once again, the innovative designs of Scentsy Warmers make this a concern of the past, allowing you to focus on enjoying great fragrance while making cleanup a snap!
  • Endless décor possibilities: Removing the wick from the equation opens a world of design possibilities! Just look at our current lineup of Warmers and Mini Warmers — you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your style of home décor. Best of all, exciting new warmers are released all the time!

Below I have listed all the other product ranges that we offer. Don’t worry about knowing them all, but as you have a spare 5 minutes, have a browse so that you can choose what product you wish to share. Google is your best friend for real-life images, so if you google the name of the product you want to share, you will find lot’s of beautiful images, and of course, you can ask me for photos anytime. If you have any Scentsy products at home, take photos of YOU using the products and share what it is you love about them.

We are so excited to see you have fun sharing these amazing products and earning yourself some FREE and HALF PRICE products and even possibly joining as a Scentsy Consultant when the current month is over, earning the commission from your orders too.

Remember to ask me ANY questions at all, no question is too small.

Love Lisa