Want To Learn More About Scentsy Club?

Running out of your favorite Scentsy products can be a nightmare! Scentsy Club lets you schedule regular shipments of Scentsy consumables (aka the stuff that runs out) delivered directly to you, so you get it before disaster strikes.

How Does Scentsy Club Work?

Scentsy Uk 2024 Ra Scentsyclub Signup

Create a subscription and choose your products.

Scentsy Uk 2024 Ra Scentsyclub Schedule

Choose your shipping schedule.

Scentsy Uk 2024 R2 Scentsyclub Alwaysgetmybar Dt

Take advantage of Club-exclusive perks, such as Always Get My Bar.

New! Scentsy Club
rewards and referrals programme

When you shop Scentsy Club for yourself or refer friends and family who then order from Scentsy Club, you’ll earn points you can use toward future orders in Club or anywhere on your Consultant’s Personal Website — including warmers, diffusers, Scentsy Buddies and more!

You can earn points in two ways:

  • 10% discount on orders over £36
  • Get an additional item at half-price on orders over £73
  • Customizable shipping schedule — set it and forget it!
  • Earn points for discounts through the Scentsy Club rewards and referrals programme

Scentsy Club’s most popular products

Not sure where to start? Here’s what many of our Scentsy Club members can’t live without:

More ways to enjoy Scentsy Club

Don’t want to get the same thing each month? Check out these options to keep the surprises coming!