Become a Scentsy Affiliate with Lisa at Safely Scented – open to UK + Europe

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Becoming a Scentsy Affiliate costs NOTHING!! It is NOT committing to becoming a Scentsy Consultant, it’s simply sharing your personal link and being rewarded as people order from your link. The products are sent DIRECTLY from SCENTSY to THE CUSTOMER – nothing at all for YOU to do.

The orders go towards you earning credits to spend. (a few exclusions apply)! Every order counts no matter how big or small. Some people worry about not wanting to “sell” or “push” people to want to buy, but that is exactly NOT what we are going to do. The way it works, is we have a little chat either over messenger (WhatsApp or Facebook), about your fave Scentsy products and who you know who may love the products too. Then we prepare a plan together as to what would work the best. Together we will choose a number of your friends and family to receive a FREE sample pack from me, promoting your affiliate link.

If you have people interested, we can even do an online showcase where we will invite your friends and family via Facebook or Zoom, and I will go LIVE or send recorded videos to show the benefits of our products over traditional candles and wax burners. I can also provide social media posts and photos for you to attract social media attention. Your online link can be open for up to 90 days, tho we encourage a maximum of 30 days for the most benefit – we will work with what works the best for you.

To get your affiliate link and to start earning your FREE and HALF PRICE credits, complete the form below and we will be in touch.

At the end of your 30-90 days, you can choose to take just the FREE and HALF PRICE products, or you can choose to take 20% commission too – we can talk about this as your affiliate link comes to a close.

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