Join Scentsy in May 2024 and get 15 new and upcoming Scentsy Bars fREE

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New Consultants who join in May get 15 new and upcoming Scentsy Bars free with their Starter Kit — including all five Summer Collection bars* AND all 10 of the new bars from the current catalogue. Includes standard Starter Kit contents and one each of the following Scentsy Bars:

Summer Collection bars:

  • Key Lime & GrapefruitCrystallised sugar sweetens a zesty fusion of Key lime and pink grapefruit
  • Pink Pineapple & Sugar: Palm trees sway over exotic pink pineapple, fresh papaya and crystallised sugar
  • Sunset Sky & StrawberrySunset sky casts light on vibrant strawberry and white woods
  • Tropical Coconut NectarCoconutpeach nectar and pineapple whisk you to paradise. 
  • Water Lily & BergamotBergamot and white musk relax next to pools of blooming water lily

New Release catalogue bars:

  • Bamboo & Rainfall: An exhilarating rainfall pours down over fresh bamboo and bright melon water in a tranquil moment.
  • Cake Me to ParadiseSweet cake infused with juicy orange and island rum will whisk you away to paradise.
  • Coastal Sun FruitGolden sun fruit, bright tropical berries and coastal amber bring a sense of sunshine.
  • Evening Sky: Light up the night with soft bergamot and rich Madagascar vanilla paving the way for midnight lily.
  • Pineapple & Palm: Escape to the islands, where sweet citrus and palm leaf float on the breeze over pineapple driftwood.
  • Pinkberry SandalwoodPinkberry and fresh cherry add a sweet pop to tonka bean and sandalwood.
  • Sippin’ Poolside: Sit back and relax with fresh pear and sparkling citrus alongside tranquil aquatic accord.
  • SuncastlesSunny coconut brightens up tropical pistachio and sweet almond, evoking memories of the beach.
  • Sunset CitrusSparkling lemon shines over sunset woods and rich amber as daylight lingers on the horizon.
  • Very Vanilla: This classic blend of creamy vanilla and tonka bean is smooth and sultry

Let us help you to get a fast start to your work-from-home scentsy business!

When you decide to join Scentsy, you are joining a community of amazing people waiting to love and support you. With Scentsy you can never feel alone, we have yearly events where you can meet up for training and simply to get together socially. As someone with social anxiety, I would never have dreamed I would want to attend gatherings like this, but Scentsy is a place where everyone belongs and where everyone is accepted just for who they are.

When I joined Scentsy in July 2017 I was not in a good place, after being diagnosed with a neurological condition I had to give up my job, and was home alone wallowing and my social anxiety was getting worse and worse. I decided to join Scentsy simply out of boredom and because the Scentsy starter kit was too good not to buy. I had no intention of running a business. However, all that changed when my kit arrived and I fell head over heels in love with the products. I couldn’t help but share my love for the products with others, and that is how you build a Scentsy business, by SHARING!

You can decide to join Scentsy for many reasons, and how much effort and how many hours you put into your business is 100% your choice, we will support you however you choose to work your business. Some reasons people join are:

  • To earn an additional amount of money for family treats
  • To earn FREE and HALF PRICE Scentsy products as part of our host reward programme that consultants can also benefit from
  • To earn annual incentive trips as part of our compensation plan
  • To make friendships and live a happier life

Results are not typical, please CLICK HERE to see the income disclosure provided by Scentsy.

Scentsy Uk 2024 Join Benefits
Scentsy Uk 2024 Join Perks

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Scentsy Incentive Trips

Safely Scented

Sometimes we don’t release just how much we have achieved with one company until we take time to reflect!! The memories of my July 2017 Scentsy starter kit, I will never forget how I fell in love with these products the moment my kit arrived!

One of the waxes I received was FRESH CUT DAISIES and I have loved this scent ever since!!! I fell pregnant shortly after joining, and I wasn’t sure what this would mean for my business, but what it meant was more freedom and flexibility, it’s almost like it was meant to be!!!

I have earned many incentive trips: 

2018 Mediterranean Cruise, tho I was too far pregnant to attend due to ship rules! 

2020 Cruise from New York To Bermuda, me and my mum were all set to sail! Then COVID hit and it was cancelled BUT we did receive a nice CASH PAYOUT! 

In 2021 I worked my socks off to earn 4 tickets to Disneyland Paris – but yes COVID was still around and it was cancelled BUT again we received a nice CASH PAYOUT! 

2022 another cruise earned Ford The Fjords but my nerves got the better of me, due to COVID still being around a little we were able to take a CASH PAYOUT – so Victor and I used this to have a week away in Greece together – total bliss!!! 

2023 – Trip for 2 to Monte Carlo, again I let my nerves get the better of me thinking I wouldn’t have friends there to mix with, so I took our annual FAMILY REUNION instead, and I was given 3 nights hotel and some cash! 

2024 – ORLANDO BABY!!!!! And we ARE GOING!!!!!! All of this is achieved by my little old me, working from home, working hard, and setting goals! YOU can do this too!!!!

The question is, why do YOU want to join Scentsy?

I would LOVE to hear about YOUR reasons for wanting to Join Scentsy as an Independent Scentsy Consutant.

Scentsy Host Rewards

We have a generous host reward plan, meaning anyone who collects orders for you, can earn FREE and HALF PRICE credits, this can be in the form of a home or online party, or simply people placing referral orders with you. YOU as a consultant are also eligible to claim these host rewards as you place your customer day-to-day orders, and this is in ADDITION to your commission.

Scentsy Host Rewards 2024

A Generous Scentsy Compensation Plan

I have included our Scentsy compensation plan for complete transparency, but please don’t worry it didn’t mean anything to me either until much later in my business. To put it simply you start earning commission the moment you start placing orders, that’s 20% commission on the products you sell, you can earn as much as 30% commission on product sales, and if and when you decide to build a team, you will earn a team bonus, that will grow as your team grows.

Scentsy Compensation Plan 2024

Results are not typical, please CLICK HERE to see the income disclosure provided by Scentsy.