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Scentsy Uk Flash Sale - May 2024 3 Scentsy Uk 2024

Take advantage of the flash sale 9 May, while supplies last

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What: Scentsy UK Flash sale

When: 6 p.m. BST Thursday, 9 May, through 6 p.m. BST Friday, 10 May (time zone converter), or while supplies last. Queuing will be in place.


Cost: Up to 70% off select products

It’s a Scentsy spring sale! Find discounts up to 70% off during our 24-hour flash sale 9 May!

The sale runs from 6 p.m. BST Thursday, 9 May, through 6 p.m. BST Friday, 10 May, or while supplies last. Please be aware that once inventory for this promotion runs out, we’ll turn off the sale. The sale may end short of the full 24 hours.

Find flash sale products under the Specials section.


We expect a huge response to this flash sale and anticipate longer-than-usual times to process and ship orders (up to 21 business days). We will try to prioritize non-flash sale orders, but some flash sale orders may ship before non-flash sale orders due system functions.

Post-flash sale pricing

Once the sale ends, you’ll be able to purchase items that are still available, but at the original retail price. No exceptions will be made. All items included in the sale have existing inventory. Everything in this sale (excluding licensed products) is eligible for Host Rewards, but if you purchase a sale item with Host Rewards, it will be at full price. Sale products are not eligible for Bundle & Save.

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