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Working your Scentsy UK business and coping with mental health illness

Lisa Garrity, Scentsy Uk

I am going to start with an introduction for those who may be new to our Scentsy UK blog.

My name is Lisa, the face of Safely Scented, Independent Scentsy UK Consultant, and part of our Safely Scented family alongside Victor my partner, our children Rhianna (22), Isabella (12), Omari (5) and our Cavapoo Jessie (1). We are a neurodivergent family doing the best we can every day to build a happy home and amazing memories.

I joined Scentsy on 20th July 2017 and no matter what hurdles I face I will always be so grateful for the day I decided to join Scentsy with no plans to do very much, and with no idea just how much this company would save me. I truly do not think anyone understands or believes what a huge confidence builder this business can be for people until you experience it for yourself. The only condition is, you let it in. It’s easy to keep up those barriers when you have mental health problems, and have been let down and hurt in the past, but to be able to fully feel what this company and the people can do for you, you have to take the risk and let it all in. Scentsy isn’t actually about just selling Scentsy wax and Scentsy warmers – that is just the start, it’s about self-development, becoming the person you didn’t ever believe you could be. Becoming the best version of you, because others believe in you. When you reach that moment of self-belief, you can then start to pay that back, by helping others too. It’s truly magical, and yes you may eye-roll and think this is all very cheesy, and it is! But it’s so true – and if you allow yourself, just for a moment to believe in the magic that is Scentsy spirit – you will want to be part of this too.

I was only diagnosed with Autism and ADHD this month. I have known for a long time I have ADHD, the Autism, probably deep down I suspected, but it came as a bit of a shock, but at the same time gave me so much validation on why I feel the way I feel, do the things I do, and simply don’t always understand people. People are complex creatures (hahah!). My own diagnosis journey started when I suspected our two younger children of being neuro-divergent, and in trying to help them, I was relating so much to things they do, and how they feel. The silver lining of me also being neuro-divergent is I can relate to them and help them the best I can. My anxiety and rejection sensitivity dysphoria can consume me some days, and it’s truly not a nice feeling at all. I would rather break a bone than feel these feelings. The positive spin I try and put on this is I have the ability to be compassionate to others who feel the same. As the saying goes, your vibe attracts your tribe, and I have this crazy ability to connect with other neuro-divergent folks who need that compassion and understanding.

In Scentsy, we create our own teams, teams that become family. Our team is All Stars Inclusive: Where no-one gets left behind! What I love the most about our family is we welcome all. We have so many ‘unofficial’ team members in our group, meaning they aren’t officially in our sponsor line, but thrive on our community and equally give as much back. Scentsy is all about community and acceptance and for me my team is your team if that is what you need in your life.

Scentsy Uk Family
Scentsy Uk + Mental Health 2024 4 Scentsy Uk 2024

Scentsy Familly

This picture says it all for me, these ladies and gentlemen surrounded us at Scentsy Family Reunion 2023. We had fun together and we supported one another – this photo shows at least 5 different teams all combining as one, because Scentsy is one complete family. It doesn’t matter if you are neuro-divergent, have anxiety, depression, PTSD, bi-polar or anything else – we ACCEPT you and we SUPPORT you, through the good days and the bad days.

Anyway, this is my share for today, and why Scentsy and Mental Health combine so well together. Scentsy can be your therapy if you simply let it in.

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